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E-lites Ecigarette Review

E-Lites came out top in our 2012 reviews yet
again. Simply the best UK ecig on the market.

If you have only tried supermarket and other
brand electronic cigarettes then you need to
try E-Lites E200 or E-Lites EPro 4 ecigs as they
are simply leagues above anything else on the
market for realism, taste and performance.

If you have only tried supermarket ecigs or
other UK brands then you need to experience
why E-Lites is the number one favourite UK ecig. The E-Lites E Pro 4 model especially
is about as perfect as an ecig can get. Previously, most electronic cigarettes were three piece, now they are two piece, as with E-Lites all you need to do is screw the two sections together. With the help of the ​technology, the electronic cigarettes ​got enhanced. If you have only tried the ecig disposables, as good as they are, you need
to upgrade to a E Pro 4 or E200 kit to experience the full potential this brand has to offer.

Top rated UK electronic cigarette - our verdict 4.9/5.0

Other pros and cons

Traditional smoking is typically prohibited inside the work settings as well as the public places. Nowadays, you could enjoy and smoke whenever you want regardless of the place and time. When you obtain a starter kit of this particular brand, you will enjoy smoking without needing to use an ashtray. Also, you can place your e-cig within your pocket or at the top of your table without worries.

Primarily, there is no need for you to mind the cigarette butts, smoke or even the ash. You will be able to help in protecting the nature because the electronic cigarettes are smoke-free and ash-free.

An E-lites ecigarette review will make you understand the benefits that you can get from the electronic cigarettes.

This e-cig brand is made with no tar and tobacco or even the harmful substances such as carbon monoxide. The contents of this cigarette are the pharmaceutical grade nicotine, flavor as well as purified water. The taste of tobacco is just replicated and so, you can still think that you are smoking using the real tobacco cigarette.

The electronic cigarettes are similar to nicotine gums or patches. They are affordable, healthier, satisfying and not prohibited. When you cannot give up your smoking habit since you have been doing it for such a long time, the best and alternative option for you is to use any electronic cigarettes.

If you are thinking of where you can buy the electronic cigarettes like E-lites, its availability will be never a problem. You can buy from the main site by clicking the banner on this page and you can also buy it offline. In case that you cannot find an actual store that sells E-lites, you could always try to shop online. Some stores also offer shipping for free based on the product amount that you have bought.

The E-lites is much better compared with the former versions of e-cigs. No other brand of electronic cigarettes produces the amount of vapour as an E-Lites with the consistancy, nor has the actual potential to help you quit due to the ultra satisfying and realistic flavours. E-Lites can save you money as well as you health.

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How to get a cheap E-Lites starter kit?

We tested all ecig brands in December 2012 and E-Lites remains the best for performance, flavour and satisfaction, but if you have only tried the disposable you must try their top of the range starter kits. You can get a discount of 15% off any starter kit by using code ELITESAFF15 at checkout by clicking the banner below.
E-Lites electronic cigarettes use G9 diamond core technology, the E Pro 4 model is, in our opinion the best electronic cigarette in the world. If you have tried the newsagent version of E-Lites you need to upgrade to their top reviewed E Pro 4 kit.

You can get an exclusive 15% discount if you click through from this site and use discount code ELITESAFF15 at checkout.